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Learn to live your best life! THRIVE: Yoga & Physical Therapy Workshop Series will help to counteract the patterns of stress and immobility with mindful, alignment-based movement. This workshop series teaches the latest science of movement therapy to help you feel good in your body. You will learn simple, ergonomic exercises to strengthen underutilized muscle groups, release patterns of physical pain, and overcome the effects of aging. Each month, we will delve deeply into the body’s most common areas of discomfort and imbalance, and you will receive exercises to incorporate into your daily life.





May 19

Essential Exercises for Vitality & Longevity

June 15

Head & Neck: Mindfulness & Stress Relief

July 14

Healthy Posture & Shoulder Mobility

August 17

Hips & Low Back: Freedom from Pain

September 15

Knees & Feet: A Body in Balance

October 19

Integrative Movement: Bringing it All Together


*Workshops are open to students of all levels, and will be co-led by Pure Motion Yoga teachers and Activcore Physical Therapists. 

$30 Signup / $25 Members / $150 Full Series

1-3pm @ Pure Motion Yoga

1174-B Zonolite Place NE, Atlanta, GA

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Sign Up Now



Foundational classes to build strength and increase flexibility. You will learn healthy alignment, mindfulness techniques, and breathing exercises to find balance, cultivate peace and achieve overall health in your body and mind.

Power Vinyasa

Fun & challenging flow classes to step outside your comfort zone. You will awaken strength, concentration, energy, and balance as we quickly transition from one pose to the next - all in tune with your breath and an upbeat playlist!



Gentle classes for relaxation and stress relief. You will simple postures to release physical tension and breathing techniques to quiet your mind - an essential practice for self-care. You might even fall asleep...

Yin Yoga & Meditation

All-level classes to increase joint mobility and overall flexibility. You will practice deep stretches for myofascial release and hold postures for longer periods of time to soothe sore muscles, relax tension and boost energy.

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