Yoga Classes in Atlanta

Beginners Welcome!

All-Levels Yoga Flow

This class is an energizing practice to help you de-stress and re-charge. We will carefully link movement and breath to explore fun Vinyasa flows and challenging Yoga poses with uplifting music. You will feel a boost of energy in body and mind, and you will leave in a state of flowing bliss ready to take on the day ahead! Open to students of all levels who want to move, stretch and feel good.

Mindful Flow & Meditation

This class is a foundational Hatha Yoga practice, using physical postures for alignment, strength and flexibility. We will move slower to focus on our breath and mindfully explore a full range of motion in our body. Our flow will include sun salutations, standing and seated postures, twists, backbends, forward folds, and hip openers. At the end of class, we will practice breathing exercises with a short guided meditation. Mindful Flow & Meditation is open to all levels including beginner students. Together we will achieve balance and relaxation in body and mind.

Restorative Yoga

This class is a deeply relaxing and nourishing practice to restore your body’s vital energy. We will use blocks, cushions and blankets in supportive, passive postures to help you release tension. You will be guided through gentle movement, deep breathing exercises, and visualization to help you find true rest in your body and mind. You might even fall asleep! Restorative Yoga is an essential practice for stress relief and self-care, and it is the perfect class for all levels students who want to enjoy the physical benefits of meditation.

Power Vinyasa

This class is a challenging and dynamic flow that combines breath with movement. This class encourages students to step outside their comfort zone to expand body and mind. You will awaken strength, concentration, energy and balance in a fun atmosphere as we quickly transition from one pose to the next - all in tune with your breath and an upbeat playlist. Open to students of all levels who want to move a little faster and break a sweat!

Yin Yoga

This intensive stretching class is designed to increase joint mobility and flexibility. We will hold poses for longer periods (approximately 3-5 minutes each), which activates a stretch-reflex in your muscles and a deep sense of release in your whole body and mind. You will be guided to practice self-awareness and non-attachment using simple breathing and mindfulness techniques. Yin Yoga classes are open to all levels and beginner students, and the practice is a great counter balance to any strong physical exercise routine.

Yoga Foundations

This class will give you the tools you need to feel comfortable and confident in your body! We will explore alignment and proper modifications to experience the full benefit of Yoga asana (physical poses). You will be guided to use breathing and mindfulness throughout the practice in order to cultivate ease and steadiness in your body and mind. You will learn to build strength, increase flexibility, and safely transition through various poses. Yoga Foundations is perfect for all levels, beginner students and long-time Yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice.

Yoga Therapeutic Essentials

This class explores functional movement and dynamic breathing to connect to your heart. We will learn Hatha Yoga alignment combined with integrative Tantric philosophy as well as physical and energetic anatomy in order to build strength and stability in body and mind. Students are encouraged to move at their own pace and listen to their body's innate wisdom using breath awareness, visualization, active relaxation and gentle inversions. Yoga Therapeutic Essentials is perfect for all level Yoga students who are seeking self-reflection and holistic healing. *Disclaimer: This class teaches the therapeutic benefits of Yoga. It does not include the diagnosis, treatment or curing of disease and illness. Students who attend this class agree to consult their doctor with health questions and concerns that are outside the scope of a YA Registered Yoga Teacher.


Wine-Down Yoga

This class is the perfect Wednesday ritual to unwind your body and mind! We will enjoy a glass of wine and some groovy tunes as we slowly flow through gentle stretches to release tension and balance your energy so you can take on the rest of the week. Bring a friend with you, or come by yourself and meet someone new. This class is perfect for students of all levels who want to let go and chill out - Yoga style!


Alignment Vinyasa

This class is a creative flowing practice with strong attention to physical alignment. You will be encouraged to use props to assist your practice and explore modifications to ensure your safety and respect your body’s boundaries. This class is open to all level students who are looking to stretch, sweat, and free their mind from the everyday bustle and routine!


Mind-Body-Spirit Yoga

This class is an intentional practice using precision alignment, breath awareness, and fluid movement to ease the whole body into balance. We will warm-up with Sun Salutations to explore the body’s meridians through intelligent sequencing and luxurious long holds of postures. You will deeply open the hips, spine and joints and nourish your connective tissue. The goal is to find ease in discomfort and a meditative awareness of sensations as they come and go. Perfect for all level students - you will feel a sense of freedom in body, mind and spirit as you start a new week!


Core Strength + Stretch

This class combines abdominal exercises and deep stretching to kickstart your day feeling strong and connected to your center! Open to all levels.


Deep Stretch + Myofascial Release

This class uses foam rollers and simple stretches for deep myofascial and muscular release to relieve tension and improve flexibility. Open to all levels.


Mantra Meditation

Scientific studies show that singing and chanting with a group of people has powerful beneficial effects on mental and physical health. This monthly class combines gentle movement, breathing exercises, and chanting of Yogic mantras and sacred sounds to relax your body, release your mind, and tap into the wisdom of your heart. No prior mantra or meditation experience required. Everyone is welcome!

Private Sessions

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