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How well do you know yourself?

This question might sound silly at first, but I want you to really think about it: Who are you when all the things you do are stripped away? You are not your job or title as 'care-giver' to your children or your elderly parents. You are not solely defined by your ethnicity or your gender. You are not defined by your past mistakes or major success stories. When all of these external things are stripped away, who are you really? What does your Authentic Self sound like? What does she look like? Who is she?

As humans, we crave connection. We want to know others and to be known. But how can we know one another deeply if we don't even know ourselves that well? Our True Selves. The Self that is pure and effortless, the one hiding behind all the other masks and identities we have created for ourselves or that have been handed to us by others. Our Yoga practice serves as a mirror through which we can peak at our true selves. Yoga is not just a series of pretty poses but it is a journey to the Self.

Why is self-discovery so important? Because when we know better, we do better. When we know why we do things the way we do, what makes us tick, and who we are when everything external has been stripped away, we step into a place of deep self awareness and knowledge. When we are self aware, we are able to operate much more effectively and efficiently in our homes, places of work and communities. There's a reason that almost every CEO and Major League Entrepreneur spends a great deal of time on personal growth and development!

So I invite you to join us for a weekend workshop of diving into getting to know yourself. At our upcoming Art of Self Realization Workshop, we will talk more about why self discovery is so important, unmasking your false self, tools for self discovery, uncovering your dharma and how to step into your true self and speak from a place of authenticity. We will explore Yoga, the Life wheel in Ayurveda, the Enneagram and a few creative expression exercises during our time together. All participants will go home tools for self discovery, a better knowledge of themselves and a custom watercolor print. Purchase your tickets now through our event page.

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