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Yoga Changed My Relationship with Food

Yoga has taught me to be more grateful for my body and how I choose to nourish it. I practiced for years before I made this connection. Once I started to understand the principles of yoga I was able to change my relationship with food.

Yoga has many principles that apply to how we nourish our body, but my approach is simply choosing gratitude. When I fuel my body I think to myself..."Is this what my body needs to function properly?" Once you start to explore these connections, you will naturally find yourself gravitating toward a type of diet that gives us nourishment, energy, lightness, and flexibility. You will feel less restricted and more in control of your health and wellness. Your inner power is back and in control!

Sometimes implementing some simple rules can help us step onto the path of finding the right diet for ourselves. Below are some of my recommendations:

1) Eat more plant-based foods

2) Less or no caffeine

3) Eat whole grains (quinoa, oats, brown rice)

4) Avoid packaged foods (sugary drinks, sweetened yogurts, excessive diet bars, sauces... there are often hidden sugars)

5) Stay hydrated with purified water (your body needs 1 quart of water per 50 lbs of body weight per day to function correctly)

6) Eat less dairy

7) Moderate your portions

8) Eat good fats (avocados, nuts, and omega 3 oils like olives, coconut and flax seed)

Give yourself the time and space to find what works for you, be gentle, and be grateful. Trust your internal wisdom, the one that lies beneath the cravings and emotional eating habits, to guide you in providing yourself with true nourishment.

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