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2 Green Thumbs Up: How Your Houseplants Can Improve Your Health

Sometimes when something becomes very trendy, it can be hard to tell if it’s actually worth the hype or just a passing fad. We see the trends across our feeds and wonder if we should give in. Anyone with an Instagram account could tell you that right now, plants are having a moment. Fortunately for both the plants and us, this is way more than just a passing trend.

Keeping houseplants in your home has proven benefits to both your physical and mental health, while simultaneously cheering up your living space. What if your favorite home decor could actually help you sleep better at night? Well, here’s a list of just a few ways your new plant buddies could help you start living better today.

1. Take cleaner breaths

Remember your elementary school lessons about photosynthesis? Let’s recap! Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back into the air. Therefore, a plant in your home is like investing in a beautiful air purifier. With better oxygen levels, you’ll notice your breathing might get a bit easier. Plants are particularly beneficial for those of us with conditions that affect our breathing, like asthma or allergies.

2. Enjoy better skin

Cleaner air doesn’t just aid our lungs, it improves our skin too. When the air is filled with toxins, those toxins find their way into our pores and can cause skin conditions like dryness, dullness, acne, and more. Your beautiful plants want you to be beautiful too though, and that’s why they clean the air while humidifying it too. Plants release 97% of the water they take in back into the air which can keep your rooms (and your skin) from becoming dry or musty. We can’t guarantee that filling your home with plants will give you the dewy complexion of your dreams, but it can’t hurt.

3. Sleep better

Many of us live in busy cities, neighborhoods and apartment buildings filled with the sounds of life going on around us. Whether it’s traffic, conversation, or just footstep noises, all of those sounds can keep you from getting your best night’s sleep. Plants can help to reduce background noise levels inside your home, though. Plants, and specifically their leaves, help absorb sounds that might otherwise bounce off of hard, solid surfaces.

4. Think better thoughts

Professional counselors often encourage patients experiencing depression or anxiety to purchase a houseplant or two, and to even “talk” to their plants. This isn’t to encourage the act of talking to inanimate objects regularly, but rather to establish patterns of wellbeing and consistency in their lives. Plants encourage you to notice them each day, to pay attention to their health and their beauty. This daily habit of checking in on something you care for can be a therapeutic experience, and one that will in time improve moods, focus, anxiety, and stress.

5. Live a better life

Many hospitals and doctors offices have begun introducing plants to their patient spaces. According to researchers at Kansas State University, adding just one plant to hospital rooms can help speed the recovery rate of surgical patients. Patients with plants in their rooms routinely request less pain medication, report lower heart rates and blood pressure, experience less fatigue and anxiety, and find themselves back on their feet much quicker

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