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Childs Pose Is Saving Me Right Now

I am the queen of relaxation! My idea of the perfect day is going to the spa, sleeping or watching movies. No one has ever said I “do too much,” though I have been noted to be a little EXTRA from time to time. I will say that my life isn’t stress-free though. I work a pretty stressful day time job that has me juggling client expectations and dreaming of the next time I can get to the spa!

Thankfully, I get to work from home. This helps with stress levels as I’m in my work clothes most of the time, aka yoga pants and fuzzy socks. I know what its like to want to scream in the middle of the day! So, to balance that level of stress, I rely on my old faithful – Child's Pose.

Its so simple, and it's easy to forget about it! Just like sleeping or breathing - it’s the simple things that bring us back. So, when I get to my breaking points, I will just go down into child’s pose (Balasana) for 5–10 minutes and its like hitting the reset button. You can practice it with a bolster or a pile of thick blankets underneath your torso for an added lift, or you can simply stretch your forehead towards the floor and your hips towards your heels.

Childs pose has so many benefits – reduces stress, relieves and stretches hips, thighs and ankles, softly stretches the muscles of the back torso and gently stretches my neck out, elongates the lower back, its great for digestion and its super calming to the mind as you rest your third eye to the earth. I encourage you to get down and get into child’s pose! Take a break and enjoy. Make sure to breathe and know that you’ve got this!

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