There is nothing comfortable about life. Pain and suffering follow us around wherever we go. Even when we get everything we want, there is somehow an underlying hunger for something more, something easier or better. This is the nature of desire, and it keeps us just uncomfortable enough to continue moving forward.

The desire to grow, discover,...

Practicing discipline doesn't have to be painful, nor should it feel like a punishment. Instead, it offers us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and stretch beyond our own perceived limitations. If you want to quickly cultivate discipline and calm the fluctuations of your mind, here is a breathing exercise...

The tradition of Tantra Yoga is a rich and ancient tradition that has been gaining a lot of new attention lately. But why now?

If we never turn our awareness inward then we will always be searching for someone else to solve our problems. Here are a few tips if you are ready to stand on your own two feet (or hands) and walk through the world with an unwavering sense of grace.

Everyone seems to be searching for the ever-elusive peace of mind. Meditation is not about having a mind that is empty of thoughts. Instead, the goal is to become aware of the many movements in your mind.

Yoga helps us unite our physical efforts with a mental intention so that we can access a deeper mind-body connection more often throughout our daily life.

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Bringing the practice of Yoga into your life.